5GTN is participating to 5GTNF demo seminar

5G Test Network Finland is arranging a demo seminar on 15.11.2018 at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Kaitoväylä 1, 90571 Oulu and Aalto University (A-grid), Otakaari 5 A, 02150 Espoo. Video connection between the cities will be arranged.

Come to Oulu or Espoo and see what is cooking in the 5G shop. Latest 5G demos and project results, Business Finland strategy and programs, and 5GTNF plans among other topics are on the agenda of the day.

From 5GTN+ point of view, following demonstrations / presentations are going to be shown:
– Real-time monitoring for sport wearables in a cellular IoT network
– Video streaming with eMBMS-technology including Oulu to Espoo streaming
– Use of sensor data for elderly people in sheltered house
– New antenna solutions for 5G

See the program and the registration link to the event here:


Please register to the event by 8 November 2018. The event is free of charge.


Support for mobile broadcast streaming service as part of 5G test network in Oulu

A new efficient media transfer method using multicast and broadcast technologies in the mobile networks, has been introduced to the 5G test network maintained by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the University of Oulu.

See our recent press release: http://www.vttresearch.com/media/news/support-for-mobile-broadcast-streaming-service-as-part-of-5g-test-network-in-oulu

Funding call is now open for SMEs

Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs (MIDIH) is a project co-funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and participating partners. The project has cascade funding for third parties (European SMEs). MIDIH project has announced that 1st call is now open.

MIDIH Call-1 targets the development of data driven applications, by IT SMEs as technology providers, and experiments in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)/IoT by Manufacturing SMEs.

The open call aims at complementing functionalities around MIDIH reference architecture and performing experiments in CPS/IOT based on the components provided by the architecture. The experiments must cover one of the three main scenarios: Smart Factory or Smart Product or Smart Supply chain.

European SMEs can send proposals to Open call.

Max funding is 60k€ per proposal and call is open until 29th June.

Link to open call details, guidelines, proposal template is


VTT (Oulu) is a partner in MIDIH-project. VTT is building a competence center “Real Time Streams Analytics”. The competence center consists of a demonstration and training platform especially for SMEs with

    • Real Time data sources in robotics manufacturing and machine control
    • Low latency communication over 5G Test Network
    • Streaming data analysis in the cloud
    • FIWARE cloud service

VTT’s competence center contact: Jukka Koskinen, email: firstname.surname@vtt.fi

5GTN will be present at MWC 2018

5G Test Network will be present at MWC 2018 in Finland Pavilion at Hall 3, Stand 3B10. 5G Test Network is part of 5GTNF (5gtnf.fi). Please book a meeting at http://techhubfinland.fi/mwc18finland/#book-a-meeting to discuss 5G & IoT testing and co-creation possibilities. You can also meet our experts in the 5GTNF-booth at the MWC18:

-Petri Kivinen linkedin.com/petrikivinen

-Teemu Kanstren linkedin.com/teemukanstren

-Jyrki Huusko linkedin.com/jyrkihuusko

Combined winter and connected car testing area with 5G Test Network (5GTN) launched in Sodankylä

Finnish Meteorological Institute has launched intelligent traffic systems, advanced road weather services and 5G-networking winter testing area in Sodankylä. Area consists of 1.7km track with two interactive Vaisala road weather stations, onboard mobile measurements in vehicles and networking with 5G, 3G, IEEE 802.11p and Wi-Fi. Test environment is a joint effort between Finnish Meteorological Institute and VTT in Sod5G EAKR project.

5GTN will host 5G service testing in Sodankylä car testing area. The test area is connected to the 5G Test Network and will offer 5G service development environment for the road weather services as well  for Intelligent transport services and connected cars.

See more: http://sod5g.fmi.fi/

Further information: Jukka Mäkelä, Principal Scientist, VTT, jukka.makela@vtt.fi, tel. +358 400 245 504


5GTN introduces more services

5G Test Network in Oulu adds Network Monitoring to its service portfolio offered to customers, making it possible to monitor selected KPI’s from network elements and interfaces. In addition, Wireless Access LTE service is enhanced with the introduction of VoLTE and messaging services capability. All these service products are available in 5GTN’s open innovation platform today. See descriptions of all available products at services.5gtn.fi.


Further information:

Olli Liinamaa, 5GTN Project Lead, University of Oulu, Olli.Liinamaa (at) oulu.fi, tel. +358 40 546 1418

Atso Hekkala, 5GTN Project Lead, VTT, atso.hekkala (at) vtt.fi, tel. +358 40 751 5708

Petri Kivinen, 5GTN Customer Relations, University of Oulu, Petri.Kivinen (at) oulu.fi, tel. +358 50 328 5780

5G Team from Oulu to Korea Olympic games

The 5G team from Oulu goes to South Korea to install a unique test network in PyeongChang. There will be a connection between Finland and South Korea which allows the Olympic Park to be seen almost in real time in Oulu. People in Oulu are able to follow live streaming from the Olympic park and, at the same time, Korean people see the video from Finland.

See more (in Finnish): https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10036477