Combined winter and connected car testing area with 5G Test Network (5GTN) launched in Sodankylä

Finnish Meteorological Institute has launched intelligent traffic systems, advanced road weather services and 5G-networking winter testing area in Sodankylä. Area consists of 1.7km track with two interactive Vaisala road weather stations, onboard mobile measurements in vehicles and networking with 5G, 3G, IEEE 802.11p and Wi-Fi. Test environment is a joint effort between Finnish Meteorological Institute and VTT in Sod5G EAKR project.

5GTN will host 5G service testing in Sodankylä car testing area. The test area is connected to the 5G Test Network and will offer 5G service development environment for the road weather services as well  for Intelligent transport services and connected cars.

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Further information: Jukka Mäkelä, Principal Scientist, VTT,, tel. +358 400 245 504