Open 5G connection in Finland’s test network now in use

The 5G test network of the University of Oulu has now officially moved from the laboratory onto the rooftop, indicating the era of an open 5G connection. The 5G base station was succesfully integrated into the network in accordance with the standardised architecture, and the first 5G data connection has now been established with test devices.

The 5G network equipment was supplied by Nokia and jointly integrated by Nokia and the university teams.   The open 5G connection is now provided as part of Finland’s 5G test network ecosystem, which the Oulu network is part of.  Commercial terminals will become available this year, operator networks will also be expanded and services will be ramped up more quickly.

It was great to see that integrating 5G into the same network as 4G was an all-around success. Now it is easier to offer the 5G connection for the needs of various research projects or companies. This is a major milestone for Finnish 5G test networks, says Olli Liinamaa, test network program lead at the University of Oulu.

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