The CNL technology demo competition: 5G and Beyond – Towards Autonomous Systems

It is again time for VTT’s CNL and 5G test network demo competition. The demo competition will be held at VTT premises in Oulu (Kaitoväylä 1) on Thursday 14th of December. In the event we will present some of the main results from our different research and development projects carried out during this year. In the event, the different demo groups will also compete for the Demo of the Year -title and CNL Trophy. The award will be given based on votes from audience.

The theme for this year is “5G and Beyond – Towards Autonomous Systems”, which targets on showing the various enablers for easing and securing our everyday life and handling the constantly increasing complexity of the networked systems. The developed technology enablers including for example utilizing 5G technologies for collecting and processing the sensor/radar information, improving the security in 5G systems and applications, and the sensor data analysis, are shown through different use cases from autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars to eHealth risk assessment applications and media delivery.

In addition to the demonstrations, there will be two keynote talks from our research. The first keynote concentrates on self-driving cars. The second keynote is on connectivity for autonomous ships, the architecture, use cases and research challenges. During the event, there is also possibility to see and hear more about VTT’s self-driving cars, since one of our cars (“Martti”) will be around during the event and participating in demonstrations.

Please register here: Registration link no later than 11 December.

For more information:

Jyrki Huusko, Research Team Leader, VTT, 40 5254698