The CNL technology demo competition at VTT Oulu on Wednesday 28th of November

Welcome to VTT’s CNL and 5G test network demo competition. The demo competition will be held at VTT Oulu (Kaitoväylä 1) on Wednesday 28th of November. In the event there will be presented some of the main results from VTT’s different research and development projects carried out during this year.

In addition to the demonstrations, there will be a keynote “How to Avoid the 3rd A.I. Winter” by Research Professor Heikki Ailisto from VTT.

Please register here on 26th of November at the latest.

See the program for the demo competition and the list of demos to be presented.


12:30 Opening of event
12:45 Heikki Ailisto: How to Avoid the 3rd A.I. Winter
13:45 Introduction to demos
14:00 Coffee Break
14:30 Demo session
15:45 Competition results – award ceremony
16:00 Networking + snacks & drinks


  1. Real-time monitoring for sport wearables in a cellular IoT network
  2. Towards Next-Generation Media Streaming for Mass Events
  3. 5G-assisted automated driving in challenging conditions
  4. Camera based person counter
  5. DeepActivity physical activity recognition on mobile device
  6. Fiber-optic data transceiver modules
  7. User-Friendly Configurable Network Slicing Environment
  8. Indoor positioning with Wi-Fi FTM
  9. Ticket resale system