5G Test Network

Full-scale 5G test network will support using 5G devices, higher frequency bands, cognitive management functionalities, system testing tools for new solutions. The 5G Test Network feature evolution follows 5G research and standardization progress, acting as verification platform for theoretical 5G research. Parts of the network are offered as open test environments for third parties.

5G Test Network consists of two network sites: at VTT’s restricted network, companies can test the functionality of their technologies, tools, and applications in a controlled environment. In the public network at University of Oulu, solutions such as those for the large-scale deployment of user devices can be verified. As the network will be a full scale operator network, the target is to validate new local small cells based operator (so-called micro operator) business models in reality. Moreover, the test network will be expanded to cover different parts of the city of Oulu on more open basis.



5G test network services will include:

  • Support and consultancy for all 5G-related R&D
  • Research platform for studying and exploring 5G
  • Possibility to test partners’ applications and tools over live 5G network, including demanding IoT solutions
  • New business opportunities and business development assessments for new operator business models
  • Opportunity for long term co-operation between the players of the wireless communications ecosystem

5G Components

Introducing the new 5G features and frequency bands.

Multi-operator Environment

Business based on multi-operator and cloud radio access network.

IoT & Small Cells

5G is the booster for the internet of things. Dense urban small cells enable capacity increase.

Network Management

The adaptation to different situations will be a key performance enabler for 5G network.