NB-IoT Workshop, August 25th 2017
5GTN+WithIoT PDF (1297 kB)
5GTN+OperationalModel PDF (597 kB)
What's up in Oulu PDF (1427 kB)
ARM_NB-IoT PDF (888 kB)

5GTN+presentation PDF (1168 kB)
5GTN+LeafLet PDF (1938 kB)

HILLA Workshop, January 14th 2016, Oulu:
Common description of operative models for third party activities in the 5G test network_160114 PDF (477 kB)
IoT features in 5GTN Core PDF (236 kB)
Nokia 5G hilla info 14-1-2016 PDF (617 kB)
Bittium Devices in 5GTN PDF (797 kB)
5G-Hilla WS - Application development enablers-14.1.2016 PDF (1938 kB)



Esa Piri, Improving heterogeneous wireless networking with cross-layer information services, Doctoral Dissertation, University of Oulu, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Department of Communications Engineering, Oulu 2015.