5GTN - 5G Test Network

5G Test Network is facility for R&D and testing in a realistic 5G network environment, and it is located at the premises of VTT and University of Oulu. Fully functioning, it will form a dynamic and heterogeneous platform for developing and testing new applications, services, algorithms, technologies, and systems.

Research platform where to study and explore 5G
Co-operation opportunities

5GTN enables new business opportunities
Strong consortium to support 5G related development


"Build a scalable 5G test network enabling future business models and service development as well as  testing and developing key 5G technology components and related support functions."


"5G Test Network evolves into a full-scale, deployable 5G network, providing a real life living laboratory for application and service testing with real life network-level performance. The 5G Test Network feature evolution follows 5G research and standardization progress, acting as verification platform for theoretical 5G research."

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